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Karina Pires Amigas In Business

The story of a Brazilian immigrant who started as a restaurant business owner, and by failing with it, found her core passion as a photographer. Life is not always a straight line, you fall, and you get up if you fall again, keep getting up and keep on moving.

She went from owning a Brazilian restaurant to building her business as a professional Photographer. After trying for nine months, she closed the doors and went back to school to find her passion and discovered a photography class. A good friend offered her the opportunity to cover her wedding in London, and the rest is history. “…everything just happened…” “…when you are putting yourself out there, things just start happening to you…” After one door closes, another one opens. It is not easy to be an immigrant, but the world does not care about your accent, nor does it care that you fit right in. The world will back you up, presenting new opportunities when you do things with love and care enough to use your best of your abilities.

Don’t be scared to fail because that failure will bring you closer to your success.

Take away from this story:

1) It is never easy, but you have to put your self out there. The opportunities will present.
2) When you are searching for your core passion. One way to do it is by trying different classes to see what resonates with you.
3) If you love what you are doing, keep at it, look to learn different strategies.
4) Never underestimate the power of being an Immigrant when creating a following base.
5) Once you have created a successful business that depends on you, learn to form others how to build a team, so you are not indispensable for your business.
6) Read more! Enrich your life by reading more will not only expand your general knowledge, but also it is an excellent way of learning a language.
7) Keep a good sense of humor when things go wrong. It helps easying up the nerves and live happier whatever the outcome.


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