Follow what lights you up! That is where you continue to grow – Jacqueline Martinez from Xecurepodcast – Immigrant El Salvador

She was born in El Salvador moved here when she was one year old.

Jacquie gets her best advice from her boss. One bad day at the office ended up being a blessing for her as it set her up for a new path in life.

From that attorney’s office, she went in search of her true calling, asking around what others day-in-the-life was like? She then discovers Applied Behavioral Analysis, and finds a purpose!

She had to overcome the push back she got from relatives that thought she was crazy to throw a “good lucrative job” down the drain to go play with children.

Jacqueline’s hardships in life have given her the push to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to her struggles, she created a space to share inspiration and to connect to others, the Xecure Podcast.

She is also getting a master’s in Applied Behavioral Analysis to open her own business and continue with her discoveries as an entrepreneur.

These are some of the things I learned from Jackie:

1) Don’t be afraid to change over and over until you find what lights you up! Remember, others might think they know what is best for you, but you are the only one that knows.

2) Be positive while you are in that search. For example, Jacquie kept repeating to herself: “From now on, I am only moving up position or pay.”

Make a resolution that will help you move forward and trust what life brings you.

3) She started researching on her own by asking people around, what do you do daily? How are your days like? And when she found something that caught her interest, she asked: What do I need to do the same? She was not afraid to try different things.

4) When something goes wrong, and you need a change, go out and find other people to connect. Find a meeting or event and then follow up with new connections/friends. You will find it easier to find solutions, ideas, and inspiration when you connect. Never underestimate the power of human interaction.

5) Don’t resent your struggles, whether they are in your past or present. Thank them because through them we grow, use them to help others, those who help others end up helping themselves.

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