Strike a balance with Aida Garcia – Non-Toxic Munchkin – Cuban

Aida Garcia Amigas In Business

In this episode, I interview Aida Garcia, the daughter of Cuban immigrants who founded Non-Toxic Munchkin, a curated blog that makes living-a-chemical-free-life accessible to everyone.

Aida narrates how her investigative-journalism career and pregnancy, spanned the creation of her blog.

We would think that anything that is for sale is safe, and everything that is highly toxic and bad ends banned from the market. But in reality, that is not the case.

Aida knows how overwhelming it can be navigating these health-purchasing-decisions in today’s world, so she makes it very easy and straightforward. Aida shares with us her top five tips for making a switch to a less toxic life.

Here is the take away:

Even though today’s generation is more exposed to chemicals than any other before. We do not need to go crazy; it’s all about striking a balance.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Environmental Working Group:

Non-Toxic Munchkin’s Amazon shop:

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