How to make an impact by building a business – Nomah Project – Mexico

Nomah Project Amigas In Business

The story of two Mexican native Amigas in Business, with an idea to help the underprivileged artisan communities by bringing their craft to the whole-wide-world, with a twist of contemporary designs a reinterpretation of their original traditional look, while keeping the soul of the craftsmanship; just as the name of the company conveys it, Nomah means: by hand in the native language. These phenomenally clever and wholehearted girls, which I am honored to call “mis Amigas In Business”, speak of how they went from idea to action. How they balance entrepreneurship with being moms and wives. Everyone thinks of changing the world, but only a few people take action. Here I introduce two immigrants that didn’t forget their roots and found a way to capitalize their talent in design and fashion by while making an impact.

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