When your heart and your actions are aligned – Emilia Gomez Vieytez, MD – El Salvador

This is the story of MD Emilia Gomez, owner of two pediatric clinics in Arizona. A Salvadoran immigrant that made her dreams come true in the United States. Even with a mother that instilled in her since a very young age the determination to be independent, she never imagined herself as a successful entrepreneur. Early on, her mother helped her spot her inclinations to choose a path in her life. Today in her early 30’s Emilia is a trusted pediatrician in Arizona, Co-founder with her husband and partner of two clinics. Simultaneously, Emilia has been able to raise a family together with her husband and partner Elmer and continue to work in all pillars of what she defines are the basis of what success means for her. With tears of gratitude, this interview ends, leaving me emotional and inspired to count every blessing in my life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you, Emilia, for sharing your stories with an open heart.

The takeaway of this story lies in taking action towards one goal, with determination, and trusting that you will be guided along the way.



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